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Winterizing Your BMW

Is Your BMW Ready For The Winter?As hard as it is to believe that fall is upon us, it’s even harder to believe that soon the snow will start to come down and temperatures will plunge below zero. But before the first snowflake comes down the next few weeks gives you an opportunity to prepare your BMW for these tough Lake Villa IL winters. Here are few things that you can do now to make sure that your BMW is ready for the cold season:

1)      Check Your Tires – Worn out tires don’t provide much traction on wet roads, even less so on icy and snow covered ones. If the tires (including your spare tire) on your BMW don’t pass the quarter test them you should have them replaced. Also check the air pressure in the tires of your BMW. Cold air makes air contract, if your tires are a bit low now, they will be even more so when winter hits.

2)      Change The Oil – By having your BMW’s oil changed now, you can switch to a less thick weight of oil. This move will help to protect your engine from the sub-zero temperatures that are sure to come.

3)      Check your BMW’s  Belt’s, Hoses & Battery – Hoses and belts that are showing wear today can rupture during the rapid heating and freezing that occurs during winter driving. Any broken hose or belt can mean your left on the side of the road in winter, a situation no one wants. The same is true of your BMW’s battery, very cold temperatures can drastically reduce the power of your battery. You should have the battery tested at a certified repair shop.

4)      Check the mixture of antifreeze – Your BMW should have equal parts of antifreeze and water. This is important to prevent freeze ups during the harsher months of winter.

5)      Check the brakes, lights, heater and defroster – For obvious reasons you want to make sure that these systems on your BMW are in good order before you have to use them during winter.

Lake Villa’s BMW Experts

It is extremely important to prepare your BMW now for winter. Doing so ensures that your BMW will be a safe and reliable mode of transportation for you all winter long. As you can see from this list of auto parts for less, there are many items to check and prepare on your BMW. By bringing your BMW to the ASE Certified BMW service experts at The Euro Shop you can relax in our state of the art facility while we do the work for you. Call or contact us to request your BMW winter service today! (847) 265-5440

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