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We at the Euro Shop we would like you know that you have options when faced with replacing your run flat tires.

Did you know that run flat tires make your vehicle ride rough, handle poorly, have a shorter life and cost over twice what a good quality tire costs?

We know what you are thinking, what if I get a flat tire?

Our Answer To That is a System Called TyreGuardian

TyreGuardian creates a latex-based seal that bonds with the inside of the tire, sealing all pores and holes. Makes run-flat tires and dangerous roadside repairs a thing of the past!

TyreGuardian works time after time to seal your tires from the inside to prevent flat tires, unlike run flat tires that only work once and then have to be replaced.

TyreGuardian works so well you may never know you had a nail in your tire because you didn’t get a flat tire, you didn’t have to get a tow, you didn’t get to change your tire on a dangerous roadside, you didn’t have to replace your tire.

  • TyreGuardian is safe for all TPMS system.
  • TyreGuardian is safe for all tires.
  • TyreGuardian is Track Tested and Rally Proven.
  • TyreGuardian takes only about 30 minutes to install.
  • TyreGuardian Works on new tires or your current tires.


  • The average sedan tire is $100 and $150 for SUV’s.
  • The average Run flat tire is $150 to $250
  • The average tow bill is $100 to $150
  • Average cost to fix a tire over $25 if it can be fixed.
  • The low side is $125.00 and the high side is $400


The average Sedans and Coupes only $22.49 per-tire installed

The average SUV’s and Trucks only $35.74 per-tire installed


TyreGuardian™ is an innovative concentrated liquid compound easily installed though the tire valve after the removal of the tire valve stem. Tire doesn't need to be removed. After installation, simply drive the vehicle a few miles allowing the tire rotation to distribute the product evenly throughout the inside of the tire. Now, all porosity, bead, and rim leaks are sealed for the full legal life of the tire.

Once a tire has been treated with TyreGuardian™ the compound creates a thin liquid film on the inside of the treated tire which provides a barrier that maintains tire pressure and creates a complete air tight container within the tire and tire rim. Optimum tire pressure is maintained for the full legal life of the tire, and results in better tire performance, improved fuel mileage, and increased safety.

In the event of a puncture, the pressurized air inside the tire trying to escape will immediately draw TyreGuardian™ to the source of the leak and seal the hole created by the puncture, regardless if the puncturing object is removed or not. The seal is permanent, the tire does not need to be removed and repaired, and eliminates the need for the driver to make immediate stops to check the tire. After installation, TyreGuardian™ remains dormant inside the tire until a puncture activates it.

TyreGuardian™ is the puncture protection system of choice for international rally teams and automotive enthusiasts from around the world. Designed to quickly and easily treat any tire, TyreGuardian™ provides a revolutionary solution to a time consuming, often costly, and sometimes dangerous problem - the flat tire. Available at professional automotive service centers and dealership service centers throughout the United States and Canada.

TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System delivers many benefits over the alternatives...

  • TyreGuardian™ is installed prior to a puncture, and is dormant until a puncture occurs.
  • No messy hands, no dangerous jacks to deal with, no inattentive drivers to dodge.
  • TyreGuardian™ is easier, cleaner, and safer, than changing a flat tire with a spare tire.
  • No need to get out and change the tire on a dangerous roadside.
  • TyreGuardian™ is activated when a puncture occurs, and seals the puncture.
  • Increased fuel efficiency due to less weight (you can remove your spare).
  • Increased fuel efficiency due to optimal tire pressure with no maintenance.
  • TyreGuardian™ seals the pores that naturally exist in rubber tires.

Read more about how to protect your rims and tires, and increase performance, by installing the TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System. Read treatment instructions...

*Doesn’t protect against tire blowouts, sidewall damage or slicing of tread area.


Q: Is TyreGuardian™ approved by the NHTSA (National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration)?
A: Tires within in their legal limits that are protected with TyreGuardian™ are safer than those that are not protected by the TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System. Consider the "slow leak" scenario - unprotected tires would deflate overnight and the vehicles weight would rest on the sidewall, potentially compromising sidewall integrity. Most people patch such leaks and continue using the tire. Clearly, a protected tire would not experience this sort of scenario. Consider the "large hole" scenario - unprotected tires would experience a rapid loss of air pressure, potentially impacting the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Even if the leak were larger than the 1/4" diameter sealable by TyreGuardian™, a protected tires would lose air much less rapidly than an unprotected tires. TyreGuardian™ is non-flammable and non-toxic. It is hard to imagine a scenario where TyreGuardian™ could negatively impact safety. Note that tires do need to pass NHTSA standards. Tire manufacturers are expected to ensure that their tires meet those standards. TyreGuardian™ will not make a non-conforming tire conform to NHTSA standards. TyreGuardian™ will not change the legal wear limits of a tire.

Q: With which tires size can I use TyreGuardian?
A: The TyreGuardian Puncture Protection System works with any size tire. The amount of TyreGuardian™ used varies depending on tire width, wheel diameter, and tire aspect ratio. For the amount needed for any size tire, use the online fill calculator. The typical car tire uses 100ml-200ml of the TyreGuardian™ fluid. One bottle is typically enough to do all four tires.

Q. What is it made of?
A: The TyreGuardian™ Tire Puncture Protection System consists of a proprietary formulation of natural rubber and a non-toxic liquid solution. It does not harm the environment.

Q. Environmentally friendly?
A: TyreGuardian™ does not harm the environment. It is based on natural rubber and does not change the disposal methods for tires.

Q. How much weight does it add?
A: TyreGuardian adds less than 2.5 solid ounces (68 grams) of weight per 3.4 fluid ounces (100ml). A typical tire requires about 6 ounces of TyreGuardian™ to provide standard protection levels. This is roughly 4.2 solid ounces of weight.

Q: Is it speed rated?
A: TyreGuardian™ has been race tested by rally teams in Australia and the United States. It does not impact handling characteristics and in many cases it can improve the balance of the tire.

Q: Is there a limit to the tire size? Bikes? 18 wheelers?
A: See the fill calculator. If your tire size isn't listed, please contact support.

Q: How many miles can I drive after a puncture?
A: The TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System permanently seals holes made by puncturing objects up to 1/4" (6mm) diameter in tubeless tires and holes made by puncturing objects up to 1/8" (3mm) diameter in tube tires. Holes made by larger objects may not be completely sealed. Such holes should be professionally patched if it is safe to do so. If the hole is not safe to patch, the tire may need to be replaced.

Q: Does it affect tire life?
A: The TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System extends tire life by reducing operating temperatures and by reducing the likelihood of uneven or accelerated wear due to low tire pressure.

Q: How does it affect my rims?
TyreGuardian is harmless to the vast majority of rims. TyreGuardian is not suitable for rims that have been modified using copper or brass.

Q: How do I install it?
A: Please read the TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System Installation Instructions for details.

Q: Is TyreGuardian™ compatible with TPMS systems?
A: When properly installed, TyreGuardian™ does not alter the function of TPMS systems. Both wheel mounted and valve-stem mounted TPMS systems are compatible with the TyreGuardian™ Puncture Protection System.

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