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Do You Feel Every Bump In Your Land Rover?

Many people are attracted to Land Rovers because of the sophisticated appearance and luxuriously appointed interiors. However it is the ride, that silky smooth ride, which closes the deal for many Land Rover owners. The smooth Land Rover ride that it is famous for is due in large part to the Land Rover’s suspension system. Many Land Rovers on the road today have an air suspension system or SLS-self leveling suspension. This system provides a feathery soft ride over bumps and a quiet interior for passengers. Land Rover Suspension Repair Lake Villa ILHowever if you notice that bumps that your Land Rover used to glide over are suddenly becoming  jolts strong enough to spill your coffee you may be feeling the effects of a degraded or broken air suspension system in your Land Rover.

Your Land Rover Suspension System

The suspension in your Land Rover serves two key functions. It distributes the weight of the vehicle evenly as you accelerate and absorbs the energy from the road without disturbing the car or the interior. Your Land Rover air suspension is comprised of shock absorbers and linkages but it is the air that is the secret. Compressors inflate and deflate air bags, which provide support for your Land Rover’s suspension. On top of that, you can easily adjust the quantity of pressure in the air bags, which makes them stiffer when you’re loaded down with cargo or softer if you are just cruising around town. If your Land Rover’s air suspension starts to malfunction it will be pretty obvious to you. Your Land Rover may visible sit lower and you may experience some tire rubbing on the roof of the tire well, but the most obvious sign is that you will feel every bump on the road. If that happens have your Land Rover air suspension repair done right away to avoid further damage.

Lake Villa Land Rover Suspension Repair Experts

When it comes to hard-working systems that often go unappreciated, your Land Rover suspension system takes the cake. Whenever your air suspension is performing its job well, nobody notices. But, when something goes wrong it is painfully obvious to all. The Euro Shop is an independent shop that specializes in the repair and maintenance of all years and models of Land Rover vehicles. We have a new facility with state of the art equipment and ASE Master Technicians to provide you with top quality work at reasonable prices. If a once smooth ride is now suddenly very bumpy call or contact us today to schedule your Land Rover air suspension repair today! (847) 265-5440

Land Rover Services & Repairs Performed

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance services
  • Full maintenance & repair facility
  • Check engine light and driveability repair
  • Engine repairs
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating system repairs
  • Air suspension system repairs
  • Emission system repair
  • Brake and ABS systems repair
  • Steering systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Electrical system repair
  • Exhaust system repair
  • Accessories and upgrades
  • Spring conversions
  • Diesel Conversions
  • Custom work and installations

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