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Car Care Tips

The Importance of an Alignment Check


There are many things that can knock your vehicle out of alignment. From potholes and curbs to wear and tear over time, improper alignment is a common vehicle issue. That being said, receiving an alignment check is vital for your safety and the health of your vehicle. Check out some reasons why an alignment check…

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TyreGuardian Has Many Benefits

Flat Tire-TyreGuard

Most people have had to deal with a flat tire from time to time. A flat tire can be both expensive and difficult to change. Luckily there is a product on the market that can help prevent flat tires. TyreGuardian can keep a tire from becoming flat for up to five years. How it works…

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Stay On Top Of Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs do need changing.  The advent of electronic ignition and on-board computers has eliminated the need for regular tune-ups, but you still need to change your spark plugs. The extra cost is only a few dollars per spark plug. While you’re at it, change your spark plug wires as well. Their typical life is…

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Wash Your Car In The Winter Too!

Wash in winter, too. All that sand, slush, and ice mixed with road salt is exactly what makes your car rust. The fastest corrosion occurs when the temperature repeatedly rises above and then falls below freezing. Especially during the messy months, be sure to rinse the undercarriage and hard-to-reach areas that are susceptible to rust,…

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