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Your Land Rover Repair Experts

November 15, 2017

Quality that stands the test of time. Rugged luxury. When you get behind the wheel of a Land Rover, you’re pairing up with a vehicle that makes every drive an adventure. The Euro Shop is your partner for Land Rover maintenance and repair. We know what to takes to make your vehicle excel for every…

Complete Mini Cooper Service

November 15, 2017

When you own a Mini Cooper, you get behind the wheel of Italian styling, innovative technology, and responsive performance. It’s the job of The Euro Shop to make sure that these qualities hold every time you get into the driver’s seat. And we guarantee this in a few key ways:   Trained Mini Cooper Technicians…

Quality European Car Service

Quality European Car Service

January 16, 2014

Quality Cars European cars offer the driver a choice of luxury, sportiness and quality. These cars come in all shapes and sizes from the massive Land Rover to the diminutive Mini Cooper and Fiat. Classic, European sports models like the MG and Triumph are favorites of collectors around the world. The Euro Shop for Quality…

Align Your Land Rover's Tires

September 13, 2013

Land Rovers are expensive vehicles that require proper maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently. Part of the proper maintenance of your Land Rover is having the wheels aligned on a regular basis. Wheel alignment is very important for several reasons. Improper alignment will cause your vehicle to handle poorly, and the steering of your vehicle…

Mini Cooper: Full Maintenance & Repair

August 30, 2013

The Mini Cooper is a highly-rated car that will provide its owner with years of fun transportation. These versatile cars come in a wide variety of styles including convertibles. They make great gas mileage, and they have a sporty feel when driving. In order to keep the Mini Cooper in top shape, it is important…

Is Your Land Rover Road Trip Ready?

August 2, 2013

During this time of the year, thousands of enthusiastic travelers will venture down to the lakes for some summer fun. Hopefully you have your Range Rover fully prepared to make the road trip. The last thing that you want is to be stranded on the side of the highway. It is essential that every aspect…

BMW Suspension

BMW Suspension

July 5, 2013

BMW cars are known for their superb handling and the suspension is the primary reason for this. In the new 3 Series suspension, the philosophy still centers around a strut-based suspension. The struts are dual linked with each one having a different ball joint. One stabilizer link is connected to the strut housing and serves…

Choosing An Auto Repair Shop

No One Rewards Loyalty Like The EURO Shop!

June 10, 2013

Some automotive repair shops eagerly take your hard-earned cash without even saying thanks. Not only does The Euro Shop thank you for your business, but they take the level of appreciation to an entire new level. Each time that you get a repair or maintenance procedure done at The Euro Shop, you will earn Euro Points. For every…

BMW Power Steering Service

NitroFill Complete Auto Club Benefits

May 21, 2013

A year long membership with NitroFill Complete Auto Club costs just $99 and comes with some impressive benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. Day or night you can set your mind at ease with 24 hour emergency towing, road service, battery service and emergency delivery. Membership also comes with nitrogen tire filling which by…

Why Customers Trust Lake Villa's Euro Shop For Car Repairs

April 18, 2013

The Euro Shop has been consistently chosen by Lake Villa area customers as their number one repair and maintenance facility for all European vehicles. When we asked our customers why they rely on our full service repair facility for everything from auto detailing and dent removal to regular oil and air filter changes, we discovered…

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