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Air Conditioning Service For Your BMW

BMW owners are known for being legendarily cool and sophisticated. However there is one thing that can get any driver of a BMW ‘hot under the collar’, driving your BMW without air conditioning in during the hot summer months! BMW A/C Service From The Euro ShopDriving a BMW is fun and exciting, but there is nothing fun and exciting about being behind the wheel of a BMW in sweltering heat on a gridlocked freeway! However, it is relatively easy to avoid that scenario by having the a/c system on your BMW inspected and serviced at regular intervals!

Who, What, Where, When

When and how often you have your BMW’s air conditioner serviced depends on where you live and how often you use it. Those is warmer climates that use the a/c year round will have their air conditioner serviced more frequently than those who live in colder climates. The most opportune time is just before the start of summer’s heat in earnest. While most auto repair companies offer some sort of air conditioning service, the BMW experts at The Euro Shop offer an air conditioning service that is second to none. This is because the BMW experts at The Euro Shop have a unique understanding of your BMW inside and out, including the air conditioning system.

Expect A Good Inspection

The hallmark of any good air conditioner service for your BMW is a thorough inspection of the a/c system. A complete inspection of the air conditioner system in your BMW will diagnose any problems that may exist.  In many cases, the air conditioner in your car may simply need to have the refrigerant recharged air conditioner repair that needs to be done to keep your system running worry-free. But if a larger problem, such as a leak, is discovered you can rest easy knowing that by taking you BMW to The Euro Shop you are with ASE certified mechanics that specialize in the care of BMW’s!

Make It A Priority

As with most modern cars the BMW air conditioner is a system that is integrated with the other systems in an automobile. Thus it is even more imperative to make the routine maintenance on it a priority. Proper maintenance will not only help to make sure that you are always comfortable and cool while driving, but will help to keep bigger service issues from developing. If it is time to inspect your BMW ‘s air conditioning system contact or give the BMW experts at The Euro Shop a call! (847) 265-5440!

BMW Services & Repairs Performed

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance services
  • Full maintenance & repair facility
  • Check engine light and driveability repair
  • Engine repairs
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heating system repairs
  • Air suspension system repairs
  • Emission system repair
  • Brake and ABS systems repair
  • Steering systems
  • Suspension systems
  • Electrical system repair
  • Exhaust system repair
  • Accessories and upgrades
  • Spring conversions
  • Diesel Conversions
  • Custom work and installations

Shop Information

The Euro Shop Inc.
39370 N. IL. Route 59
Lake Villa, IL 60046

(847) 265-5440

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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