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Archive for September 2012

Preparing Your MINI Cooper For Winter

It’s almost impossible to fathom, but Jack Frost is just about to come back from his summer vacation. This of course means saying good-bye to the warm summer months and hello to winter and all of its wonders. With the coming fall and winter holiday season comes several must attend gatherings that you might be…

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Where To Turn For BMW Service

To say that BMW manufactures nice cars is, well, an understatement at best. It’s kind of like saying that the Grand Canyon is deep. Yeah it’s a true statement, technically, but it doesn’t capture the real majesty and wonder of the Grand Canyon. BMW is renowned for crafting exquisitely sophisticated automobiles that have the ability…

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Avoid hose hassles

Check the hoses under the hood of your BMW every month or two to avoid the hassle of a broken hose while you’re on the road. With your BMW cool and off, squeeze the hoses. If they are hard or make a crunching sound, replace them. Ditto if they are extremely soft or sticky. With…

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